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Weaving a Tapestry

Weaving a tapestry takes a lot of time, both in preparation and in execution. There are many steps that need to be taken from the the initial idea of weaving to the finished product. This takes time, thought and preparation. Below is a look at a tapestry in the later stages of the design - there were several steps just to get to the line drawing shown below.
The Initial Design
It is always nice when someone has a design already to be made into a tapestry. It rarely happens! Even designs that look ready usually need some tweaking and takes time to do so. When a tapestry is being made from an idea or a combination of designs, it usually takes a lot longer. Below you will see the evolution of the art work from a line drawing to the approved watercolor - the art work from which the cartoon will be made. We will take a look at that below.
Although it happens, it is rare if the artwork is approved the first time. As you will see in the art work shown below, there are MANY changes that have been made! Notice the hair style and face AND the inclusion of the boy! Certainly these were not the only changes that were made before the final approval but these were the most striking.

pose2 pose2

From here, the next step is to give color to the line drawing. At this step it is very important to notice all of the colors
to make sure they are correct because these ARE the colors that will be woven into the tapestry!

The Approved Art Work

The Process
Now that the art work is approved, the next step is the weaving of the tapestry.

First, a cartoon must be made. This is a drawing in color of the same size as the eventual tapestry. This takes great expertise because this is how the finished tapestry will look eventually.

Second, since there are no set dimensions for a tapestry, a loom needs to be constructed for the dimensions of the tapestry to be woven.

Third, a "yarn chart" needs to be established for all of the colors that will be used in the tapestry. If necessary, yarn will be dyed specifically for a tapestry.

Fourth, the weaving begins. The time it will take to weave any tapestry depends on the size of the tapestry, the intracacy of the design, and the colors used. You can see this tapestry in the process of being woven on the main page.

And last, the tapestry will be lined. In the lining there will be a rod pocket for hanging.

The Finished Tapestry
(By the way, this is 9 feet wide by 6 feet high!)

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