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PRICING - FREE QUOTE - Having a custom tapestry woven is an important decision, as each one we weave is unique in its design and size. The whole process takes considerable time from developing the design for approval to the finished hand-woven tapestry. However, even though this process is time and labor intensive, we are committed to keeping the cost to you as low as possible. With this in mind, we believe that we have absolutely the best quality and prices on Custom Hand-Woven Tapestries! Our artists and skilled weavers have many years - actually generations - of experience!

Of course pricing is naturally one of the most important considerations. Pricing is based on a number of factors: the size; the intricacy of the design; the amount of artwork we will be doing for the design; and the number of colors in the design. It is essential that an approximate size be given in order to receive a quote. The free quote we give will be an estimate using this criteria. WE CAN ONLY GIVE A FIRM PRICE AFTER THE DESIGN OR DESIGN IDEA IS SUBMITTED AND WE KNOW THE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT. Shipping, insurance and tax (if any) will be added to the quoted price. You are welcome to call the number above or email us to discuss your project.

ARTWORK CHARGE There is a $100 Artwork Charge for anything other than a design that does not need any changes, additions or alterations. This charge may be paid for with either a credit card or check. Using our Shopping Cart, you can send us credit card information as well as shipping information, phone numbers, etc.

WEAVES/SIZES - We offer two weaves - our Heirloom Quality Weave and our "Antique" Quality Weave. The Heirloom Quality is a very fine weave that allows us to weave with greater detail. The "Antique" Quality Weave is just a little coarser and a little softer in look. To see samples of these weaves click here. Both weaves make excellent presentations! Regarding height and width, there are some restrictions, but we will entertain all projects.

TIME OF WEAVING - The weaving time of the tapestry also depends on the size and intricacy of the design, and will take anywhere between 1 1/2 months to 4 months, depending on the size and the number of tapestries we have on the looms. Please remember that our tapestries are hand-woven and allow us enough time to do the weaving. If you are having a tapestry woven for a specific date or occasion, plan as far enough ahead as possible. HOWEVER, EVEN IF YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE A TAPESTRY WOVEN BY A CERTAIN DATE, THERE IS USUALLY ENOUGH TIME TO HAVE THE ART WORK DONE AND PRESENTED AS A "GIFT TO COME."

THE DESIGN - To give an accurate quote we will need have as much information on the design as you can give us. Initially, we would like .jpg graphics of all elements of the design if possible; a full color printed picture may also be needed. Initially we need to know as much as we can about the size desired, colors, and any other elements. It is very important that we know that the colors are right before we begin weaving. A note here - We can design a tapestry for you based on your ideas.

LOGOS/TEXT - We can weave a business, school or church logos in either of our weaves. With some limitations, we can also weave text into a tapestry.

BORDERS - Adding a border to your tapestry is not something that one would normally think about. This, however, needs to be a consideration from the beginning. A border can be woven into the design as a kind of "frame." There is no extra cost for this, but you should consider if the look is going to be like the designs you see on the previous page. You do not have to design the border but we will appreciate your input. We will add a coordinating border and submit it to you for your approval. You do not need to have a border if you think your tapestry would look better without one.

APPROVALS & DOWN PAYMENT - After we have received the graphics, photos, and your approval, sketches will be made (if necessary) of elements of the design for your approval. Once you have given your final approval of the design, an approximate 25% down payment will be required. The remainder, plus shipping and insurance, will be due just prior to the shipment of your tapestry.

THE CARTOON - A full sized of the design needs to be made to be used as a "template" for the weavers. This is a very time consuming part of the process as the cartoon has to be precise. Here is a sample of a cartoon and the weaving that resulted - Sample Cartoon and Weaving.

THE WEAVING - The weaving process then begins. A full sized cartoon All of our tapestries show the skill, experience and patience of our weavers. Our Heirloom Quality tapestries have a density of 50 yarn threads per 10 cm that allows for incredible detail. The wool yarn will be selected and a color chart will be made. A loom will then be made for the size of your tapestry. Then the weaving begins. Each tapestry will take anywhere from one to three months to weave. With the Contemporary Quality tapestries, the weave is less dense but we are still able to achieve very good detail. The weaving processes are the same but these can be woven in (sometimes) considerably less time.

PREPARING THE TAPESTRY FOR HANGING - When the weaving is finished, it will be lined and will have a rod pocket for hanging. It is possible to prepare the tapestry with a minimal lining with a rod pocket. This will leave most of the back open, showing the knots of the weaving.

FINAL PAYMENT AND DELIVERY - One week prior to delivery, the remaining balance will be due. It will then be shipped to you within two weeks.

CONTACT US Please email us or call us at 800-350-3850, if you have any questions.

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