Religious Scenes
It has been a pleasure to work with a variety religious organizations over the years.
The tapestry projects have been challenging but very rewarding. Is there a place in your place of worship or at home for an inspirational tapestry?

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
Jesus and the Children
Jesus and Children
Pope Pius X
Bahia Temlple
Bahai Temple
Hawley1 - Chalice
Chalice - "Stained Glass"
Hawley2 - Crown
Crown - "Stained Glass"
Hawley3 - Sheaves
Sheaves - "Stained Glass"
Community of Praise
Community of Praise
Life Abundant Ministries
Life Abundant Ministries Logo
Star of Haribu
Land of Catherine
Land of Dominic