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Welcome to Castle Tapestry!
THE source for beautiful, hand-woven, one-of-a-kind tapestry wall hangings to adorn the walls of your castle, your business or your church. We specialize in coats of arms/family crest tapestries but are open to any design you have in mind in almost any size.

The tapestries we weave
In the last 15+ years we have woven many designs displaying coats-of-arms, medieval scenes, people, buildings, logos,animals, landscapes etc. We have been successful in the designs we have woven primarily due to the imagination of our clients. With their help we have brought into life designs that were just ideas and have created many beautiful tapestries.

Let us do the same for you!
We welcome you to either call us with your ideas or fill out a form for a Free Quote for either a Custom Design Tapestry or a Custom Coat of Arms Tapestry. For more information about the process of creating your custom tapestry, see our "How To Begin" page. To see the variety of designs we have woven, go to our Custom Tapestry Gallery and also our Weaving a Tapestry page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Karolyi Coat of Arms Tapestry
Don Quixote

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Heirloom Quality Weaving!

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Custom One of a Kind Tapestries!
Click on any of these pictures to see examples of some of our weavings

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Custom Tapestry
"How To"
How to Begin

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Forbess Coat of Arms
Family Crests/Coats of Arms
The crest on the right is a rather simple crest with only a small, single color border. More complex designs are not a difficulty. To begin your project, it will be helpful to have computer graphics and a picture of your design. There are no standard design formulas or sizes for a family crest or coat of arms tapestry. If you would like, and there is enough space avaialble, you can add other graphics, elements or border to the overall design of your tapestry. We will work with you throughout the entire process.
For a small fee we will research your coats of arms and send it to you by email. If our search finds no coat of arms, there will be no charge.
You may want to go the expense of a having a "DEEDED" COATS OF ARMS such as you see Here by formally applying to the College of Arms in London. You may also want to share a coat of arms tapestry with other members of your family. We offer discounts when ordering multiple copies of the same design.
Evans Coat of Arms

Keith Coat of Arms "Amazing job! Thanks Ron. The tartan really looks awesome. This is a piece for generations to come!"

C. Keith
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Ulysses Contest
This black and white line drawing became This Weaving
Creating a Tapestry With New Artwork
Weaving is a much different art than painting and sometimes cannot capture certain nuances of the painting. However, this can most often be done with beautiful results! When you submit a painting or drawing we will analyze it and let you know if it can be done successfully and the best size in which it should be woven. We sometimes say no!

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Tapestries With Logos or Text
We can weave a tapestry of your company's logo or any text you may have, regardless of the language. The tapestry to the right has the inscription of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, an ancient language. Our Multiple Copies program is ideal for companies, schools, fraternal organizations, sharing coats of arms tapestries with your family and in many other creative ways.

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Re-Weaving Existing Designs
Although the tapestry shown to the right is available machine-made, the hand-woven has much more character. We can re-weave existing tapestries into a size more suitable for today's homes. We can also make subtle changes if necessary.
Duke of Berry Medieval Tapestry Reproduction

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Gallant Scene Medieval Tapestry Reproduction
Perhaps you have been in a museum and have seen a tapestry that you think would look great in your home - such as this piece. This is possible! Quite often there is a wonderful tapestry available but the colors or the size is not exactly right. The good news is that you can have the colors you want in that design! The original background of the medieval tapestry shown here, Gallant Scene, was dark blue but dark black was required. The same is true for sizes. We can let you know how large or how small a tapestry can be woven without distortion of the features.

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Re-Weaving Some of Our Own Designs
We have created many tapestry designs that we would be happy to re-weave for you, such as the Tintern Abbey shown here. We can even do (within reason) some variations on these such as re-sizing, color shift, etc. Let us know what you want!

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These are just a few of the many comments we have received over the years.

"WOW!! We got the tapestry yesterday. It is GORGEOUS!! We couldn't be happier and I can't wait to see it up on our wall.
We'll send you a picture once we get it hung. It is so, so beautiful.
Thanks for such a beautiful piece of art, and for such a fun and easy interaction to design it." K.G.

"It is beautiful. This is an outstanding job! I cannot believe the quality of workmanship and amount of detail. This could not have suited me any better." R.D.

"I received the [custom] tapestry that I ordered today and it is so beautiful!!!
Thanks for all of your time and I'm sure that I'll order from you again in the future." Sandy

The tapestry turned out beautiful. The ministry is really happy with it!!!
Thank you so much for your efforts. We will certainly tell others about your talents. K. F.

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